I just want a website redesigned. Can you help?

Yes! Our plans are designed to give ample time to go through a complete redesign process. Once your website is launched we provide ongoing support to maintain your web presence and ensure continued success online.

How do you offer “unlimited support”? Isn’t that risky?

Our unlimited support, included with all of our plans, simply means you can submit an unlimited number of support requests per month, with one open request at a time. A support “request” is considered a small task that can be completed generally in 30 minutes or less. For example, you may ask us to update an image, replace a link, or swap out a logo.

What’s the difference between your service plans?

Our plans are based around the current stage of our web presence. Here’s a breakdown:

Standard plan ($499/month) – Best suited for an established web presence that just needs ongoing support and maintenance.

Professional plan ($999/month) – If your website is out of date or not performing, this is the plan for you. We include the base features of our Standard plan as well as our complete design services to refresh your main website.

Enterprise plan is our all encompassing package that’s best if you have multiple websites or need us to serve as your own web team.

Is there a minimum contract?

Our plans require at least a one year minimum contract. This allows us plenty of time to learn about your business and create (or update) a web presence built for success.

I can do my own website updates. Why do I need a monthly maintenance plan?

Most of our clients use our plans to help expand their web presence. This includes having strategic discussions about the direction of the website, helping plan and implement technical changes, and reviewing your website goals and performance.